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rc 2003-02-06 03:44

Resuming work
I have a Pentium IV and I am using Windows Me.
My Prime95 were at 99.01 % of testing when my computer frozen.
I rebooted and Prime95 resumed the work from 91.38 %. I lost two days.
In my setup Preferences I have:
Iterations between screen outputs 10000
Iterations between results file outputs 99999999
Minutes between disks writes 30
Minutes between modem retries 2
Minutes between network retries 60
Days between sending new end dates 28

Have someone any guesses and advices ? I need some help.


lycorn 2003-02-06 23:44

That´s strange, you should in principle have lost at most 30 minutes of work. But in 30 min you couldn´t have done nearly 8% of the exponent (assuming it is within the ranges currently being assigned by the server).
Are you sure you were at 99.01% of the test? :?

rc 2003-02-07 01:24

I am 100 % sure.
I have an eyewitness (my wife).

This is my prime.ini file:

UserName=Radu Cotoranu

It is strange because I don't have an explanation.


nomadicus 2003-02-07 01:45

Can prime95 under certan situations ignore file open problem similar to ignoring a failed connection to primenet?

[quote]I am 100 % sure.
I have an eyewitness (my wife).[/quote]

How much did you use your PC in the 24-48 hours before it gave up the ghost? Maybe you had (past tense) a hard drive glitch which cleared upon reboot. :surprised:
This is a total guess (as you requested).

rc 2003-02-07 02:26

Between 8-10 hours.
But I used my PC only for connection, I was connected to Internet and to a server using PCAnywhere (not in the same time).

More info.
After restart and after the message about "wait xx minutes after restart...." the next message was about trying to contact Prime95 server and there was no connection. It will retry in 60 minutes.

lycorn 2003-02-07 20:21

Hmmm... Were you at 99,01% of a [u]LL test [/u]or of [u]factoring[/u], when Windows crashed?
The machine could be trying, after restart, to connect to report the factoring result before starting the LL test, or the P-1 stage. Just a hint.

rc 2003-02-08 00:14

It was the P-1 stage. I was at a few hours before to know if the number is Mersenne or it is not.

Anyway, finally the test finished OK, the number was not Mersenne but what happened is still not understandable for me.

Kevin 2003-02-08 02:38

That's the problem. P-1 factoring is different from other testing. It has to all be done in one stage. It doesn't have save&resume files like a Lucas-Lehmer test, or normal factoring. And the P-1 test doesn't determine primality, it's a method trial factoring done to reduce the number of long primality tests we have to do.

garo 2003-02-08 07:57

Actually P-1 does have savefiles but since P-1 proceeds so quickly it is not abnormal to lose 8% of P-1 work. rc I highly doubt that you lost two days of work because P-1 does not take that long. P-1 usually takes a few hours and is followed by the real LL test that takes serveral days to weeks.

And to make matters more confusing P-1 is in two stages each of which go to 100%.

rc 2003-02-08 15:08

Sorry, "mea culpa".
It was the factoring stage, I said I was at a few hours before the final result.
Sorry, again.

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