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MisterBitcoin 2017-01-09 20:50

My daily (srly?) work blog
I´m working for an germany company. I´m going on assembly, so I´m always moving around Germany (hired for international assembly...but...who knows).
Next job will start at 16.01.2017. Lenght 4 weeks.
Shut-down from oven #2 at RWE Waste incinerator Cologne-Hurth (Chempark Hurth).
Oven #2 city waste.

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-17 20:52

I forgot yesterdays entry...

Day 1:
Nothing really to do. My work area (ash removal funnel) is confined space. O2-tests are needed.

Day 2:
Work granted. "Remove all damaged cooling water pipes", sounds easy. You should better be an ape. Its 1,5 meters above your head and extremely dirty from remaining ash. Get your masks and overall on. :)
All over 35 pipes from 4 tunnels removed, a lot of work.

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-19 18:21

Well...never mind

Day 3.

Not really much happened. We waited for about 4 hours for welders. After welding was done I got an other task. I was removing some metal parts from some stuff.

Day 4 (today)

Removed some more pipes from the funnels.

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-20 21:07

Day 5.

Entering the funnel again, installed a lot of steel pipes.
Saturday and Sunday is free. So only a 50 hour week. :)

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-23 17:50

Day 6.

It was a typical Monday. Very relaxed working. Our main topics were already completed last week.
So, nothing special to say about it. :/

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-24 19:46

Day 7

We changed a few pipes from the cooling water system. Why do they use 3/4" instead of DIN EN-stuff?
nvm, relaxed day.

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-25 19:48

Day 8

A special day...not. We repaired a dozen 3/4" valves and installed them in the cooling water system.

MisterBitcoin 2017-01-30 19:47

EEW Oven I is ready for operation.

We got some work in the chemiepark Hürth, for BayerCropSciene. I´m working in PSM 4, an facility for MPE, MPS and MPC.
Today we worked on an MPC (Methlydichlorphosphon) DSV.

MisterBitcoin 2017-02-26 18:17

It´s have been some time since last reply here. :)

I´m now working in the PSM 2 shutdown for BayerCropScience.

MisterBitcoin 2018-03-29 09:40

I´ve been thinking of using this thread to post some status reports for my different projects I participate.
You might find anythink in here.

Lets some point.

Term [URL=""]593#/210+7#[/URL] fully factored. Found P26 with yafu, co-factor is P214.

Term [URL=""](4288^66-4422^64)[/URL] fully factored. Much small factors, found P10 and QS did the rest on the C70.

Term [URL=""]28^7#%100^5!+47[/URL] fully factored. Two P24 found with ECM, co-factor of 193 digit is prime.

MisterBitcoin 2018-03-30 19:35

Term [URL=""]12^222+47[/URL] fully factored. Found P12 and P22, co-factor is prime.

Term [URL=""]100^5!+6983[/URL] fully factored. Found P28, co-factor is prime.

Term [URL=""]113^108*2^73+1[/URL] fully factored. Found P24, co-factor is prime.

Also 3 other numbers (above 240 digits) were fully factored, but they had no short formula.

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