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LaurV 2012-06-07 03:21

Happy birthday!
.. to [URL=""]IPv6[/URL]....

I want my [URL=""]billion of personal IP addresses[/URL]. Not that I will ever use more then two or there, but you know, Mrs LaurV is a very enterprising person, she could find a good use of them (plus her own billion...)... In fact, she does not need to think too much: she will need all possible connections in the same time if she starts talking with her relatives over IP... (now that was mean...)

edit: you should see [URL=""]this map[/URL]... :razz: Right now! Fast! till it does not change.

jasong 2012-06-09 01:17

It's way more than a billion. tbh, adding 8 bits would be more than enough, and it's just another 1-3 digit number if you do that. 64-bits is already insane, so 128-bits is literally insanity squared.

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