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Beyond 2012-04-21 20:59

Darn ISP has been down the last few days, so been doing off-line testing but should be back up to speed here in a few hours.

AMDave 2012-04-25 05:24

Home stretch. 13 hours left.
Crunch-em if you got 'em.

gd_barnes 2012-04-25 08:20

What a battle for 2nd in the team stats and 3rd in the individual stats! :smile: Will James (Beyond) be able to get his ISP up in time for Free-DC to overtake ROLP? Oh, the drama! lol

As for Ian and me, I don't have anything more I can throw at it so if he stays on through the end, he's got 3rd place. Ian's and James's participation in the rally has made for 2 very intersting battles.

AMDave 2012-04-25 21:37

Congratulations everyone.

With a combined rally Pair Score of 1.8M this was the largest amount of work completed in a NPLB Rally. This meant that, even though the work required is greater, we completed almost as many pairs as last time.

Finding 17 primes in the push was a terrific bonus. We were luckier than this once, in Jan-2011, but we have come so far since then that the Prime Scores are much mightier now yielding our highest rally combined Prime Score ever and all of them came in to the Top5000 List just outside the top 1000.

While odicin stuck around for BOINC Confederation and Neo kept the flag flying for team AtP, Ralph_Recker put in a good effort for Sicituradastra. and Alexis_Kravtchenko popped in at the end to see what was happening which put team Ukraine on the board bringing the rally team representation up to 8, which is also the most we have had in a NPLB Rally.

Thanks to Gary and Max for organizing and putting on a hugely successful rally.

gd_barnes 2012-04-26 09:03

It was a hugely successful rally!

It looks like ROLP barely held off Free-DC for 2nd place. :smile:

PCZ 2012-04-26 11:06

I don't have the large number of machines running that i used too.
Can't see myself ever going back to that either, the running costs were huge.

The PC's i use for crunching when i have a mind too, are all SB with
the exception of the Bulldozer which failed 4th grade maths :(

The Sandy's with the AVX enabled client fly through the pairs.
You only need a handfull of them to put up quite respectable scores.
The electricity bill is much lower and the house isn't at sauna temperature.

Mini-Geek 2012-04-26 11:54

[QUOTE=gd_barnes;297397]It looks like ROLP barely held off Free-DC for 2nd place. :smile:[/QUOTE]

It really was close! A single CPU could've easily made the difference of 9,872.839 pair score; my single i5-750, crunching for about 5 days of the rally, crunched 11,567.956 score worth - though it doesn't entirely make sense to say so, I could say that I made us beat out Free-DC for 2nd :smile:.

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