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gd_barnes 2010-05-14 23:19

LLRnet/PRPnet rally June 4th-6th
Hi everyone,

We'd like to have another LLRnet/PRPnet rally. It will begin on Friday, June 4th at 7:00 PM GMT and run for 48 hours until Sunday, the 6th at 7:00 PM GMT. It will be run on LLRnet port 3000 and PRPnet 9000 for k=400-600. Tests should be somewhere in the n=800K-850K range during the rally.

LLRnet config info.:
server = ""
port = 3000

PRPnet config info.:
server = ""
port = 9000
Or, in terms of a prpclient.ini config line:

Be sure and change your userID to whatever ID you prefer. Most people use their ID here at mersenneforum. It is also best to set the cache at from around 2 to 10 pairs.

Info. for downloading the newest LLRnet client can be found at [URL=""]LLRnet supports LLR V3.8![/URL].

Info. for downloading the newest PRPnet client can be found at [URL=""]PRPnet[/URL].

As a point of interest for those who might be new to NPLB and for others who haven't done any testing with us for a while, we have some milestones that we would like to shoot for in the near future. Please refer to our [URL=""]primes graph and drive progress[/URL] as well as to our [URL=""]"Countdown meter"[/URL]. NPLB's goal all along has been to fill in holes in the prime search ranges for Riesel base 2. We'd like to get the dots in that [url=]k=300-1001[/url] range fully extended to n=1M by year end 2011 so that they are closer to where k<300 (worked by RPS) is at. In targeting k=400-600 for the 2nd consecutive time in this rally, we have set a relatively aggressive goal to have it tested completely to n=1M by year end 2010.

Free DC didn't show up last time despite us getting the word out. That's too bad. Let the ROLP BBQ commence once again. :smile: Perhaps AMD users can give us some competition this time around.


mdettweiler 2010-05-15 04:20

[quote=gd_barnes;215051]Max, the above is post #24 from the previous rally thread. Can you tweak that as needed if we use a later version of PRPnet between now and then. Also, if there is a better posting with more info. about the PRPnet server, please feel free to edit this post to include it. Thanks.[/quote]
I actually got the main PRPnet thread updated for 3.2.5 not long after the last rally and have full necessary instructions there. I've replaced the link accordingly.

Flatlander 2010-06-03 20:09

Hi peeps.

I am back after 4 months of no prime searching.
I was bored.
I was fed up with the noise.
I had received a £500 electricity bill!

I am down to one quad-core now because I had to donate my dual-core to the kids but I should be able to put it on this drive. (Dual-core laptop on its way!)

Rather than try to read the 'gigabytes' of chat that has gone on in my absence could someone just confirm that I don't need to alter the line:
"serviceName = "LLRnet-test"
in llr-clientconfig.txt.

(You have it easy now. When I was a lad we had to use the old and the servers would go down every week and ...)


kar_bon 2010-06-03 20:23

[QUOTE=Flatlander;217296]Rather than try to read the 'gigabytes' of chat that has gone on in my absence could someone just confirm that I don't need to alter the line:
"serviceName = "LLRnet-test"
in llr-clientconfig.txt.

This is correct! The only 4 lines of llr-clientconfig.txt must contain the values for server, port, user and WUCacheSize.

I'm just doing the newest update for Version 0.73 with less *.lua files and supporting cLLR V3.8.1!

It's available the next few hours!

mdettweiler 2010-06-04 03:28

My dualcore is now on PRPnet port 9000 for the rally--the quad should follow soon (either tonight or early tomorrow). :smile:

@Gary: we should probably load some more pairs into the servers for the rally as they're both only a couple of K away from drying. How much do you think we should do for each?

Following from my last question, did you have any particular goals in mind for this rally?

gd_barnes 2010-06-04 07:29

Come one; come all! The NPLB rally starts on LLRnet port 3000 and PRPnet port 9000 in just under 12 hours. (7 PM GMT)

Max, I think I'll load a little bit smaller range than our usual n=10K range into port 3000 to keep the 2 ports closer together for the rally, which makes things a little more fair. Here is what I would suggest:

I will load n=815K-820K in LLRnet port 3000. (I'll do that shortly now.)
You can load n=820K-825K in PRPnet port 9000 as soon as you can in the morning.

That should be more than sufficient but I/we should keep an eye on port 3000 just in case a major heavy player or 2 comes in on it. If so, we can quickly load n=825K-830K into it.

Target: Clean 'em both out. :-) That is, n=820K on port 3000 and n=825K on port 9000. Goals: About n=818K and n=822K respectively. Those should be good goals if Vaughan and Lennart add some more cores to the respective ports.


mdettweiler 2010-06-04 10:18

Sounds good. I'll load 820K-825K into port 9000 shortly. Edit: done

Meanwhile, my quad has been switched over to port 9000: currently it's still finishing off its current batches of work from my personal server (<1.5 hours); once those are done it will start on port 9000.

henryzz 2010-06-04 18:33

My cores are on the prpnet server now.

gd_barnes 2010-06-05 11:04

Lennart brought the pharm to the rally! Thanks Lennart! :smile: This should make things very interesting between ROLP and Lennart's new PrimeSearch team.


I just did a calculation: We're averaging about 450 pairs/hour on port 9000 right now and we just hit the n=820K-825K range about 2 hours ago. That range contains 18744 pairs.

At that rate, we would dry it in 41.6 hours. Counting forward from 4 AM CDT (which was ~2 hours ago), that would make it just before 10 PM Sun. night (3 AM Mon. morning GMT); 8 hours after the rally is over.

So...we're good for the rally but we should keep a close watch on it in case Lennart or anyone else brings any more cores to it or leaves their cores on well after the rally since that is kind of close.

At ~260 pairs/hour on port 3000 and the fact that we won't hit the n=815K-820K range (18617 pairs) for another 1-2 hours yet, we're good for that port.

It looks like we did good (or just got lucky) on the pairs planning. The objective was to keep the 2 servers reasonably close together to avoid much testing time difference between the ranges for the rally. Port 3000 will end up jumping up to the next n=5K range only about 3-4 hours after port 9000 did.


gd_barnes 2010-06-05 23:34

It seems that the PRPnet server has gone down. I am 20 mins. from my house and am headed back there now. I will do my best to get it running again but I then need to head back out again.

Max, if you see this, can you babysit port 9000 for a while? I will also do so after I'm back at my place a little later tonight.


gd_barnes 2010-06-06 00:06

Port 9000 went down about 2-1/2 hours ago with a "Couldn't append to file (prpserver.log)" error message. It then said it has a "Segmentation fault".

But here is the weird part: The prpserver program is completely missing. It no longer exists at all! It's like it got deleted on the fly or something. When I tried to execute ./prpserver, it said "No such file or directory.".

Here is my solution:

1. It appears that the prpserver.log possibly got too large. So I'm renaming it like Max did with prpserver-0518.log. I will call it prpserver-0605.log. It was > 500 MB.

2. Copied the prpserver program over from another folder that contained PRPnet 3.2.6.

3. Restarted the server with ./prpserver.

Everything seems to be working now.

I'm sorry about the problems everyone.

Max, should we be renaming these prpserver.logs every once in a while or is there a way to make it quit writing out so many messages. These files are huge. I can't help but think writing so many messages to them actually caused the server to go down.

Karsten, I think Max gave you remote access to my machine now. Have you tried getting into it yet? If so, could you babysit it for a little while?

I'm going out to eat and to a movie now. I hope to be able to check it again in 4-5 hours.


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