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jasonp 2009-03-04 14:46

Msieve v1.40 beta 2
Now available:


This fixes MSVC compilation and a bunch of small problems. Keep up the pounding!

jasonp 2009-03-24 14:31

Msieve v1.40
Okay, it's finally available. Changes from beta2 include a streamlining of the MSVC project files and fixes for a few more typos.

Plans for the future involve adding a further excess-removal phase to the NFS filtering, and continued work on NFS polynomial selection. If time allows I'll also do a little QS work, but v1.41 should have a much shorter turnaround time than v1.40 did so I make no promises.

Happy factoring,

jasonp 2009-04-04 03:06

Msieve v1.41
Now available. This adds fixes for a lot of problems reported in the last week or so, as well as a first draft of code that can better deal with huge amounts of excess NFS relations.

Happy factoring,

jasonp 2009-04-04 14:33

PS: The 1.41 source and binary were just updated as of this message to fix an incorrectly fixed bug

jasonp 2009-06-06 04:32

Msieve v1.42 beta
It still needs a little work, but there's enough that's new here that I want to get an early beta out for all you involntary testers out there. Major changes include:

- new, hopefully bulletproof rootfinder; throw your worst SNFS polynomials at it and see

- degree 4 and degree 6 polynomial selection. The minimum GNFS input size has been lowered to just under 90 digits (there's no way it can be faster than QS when the input is that small), and you will now get degree-4 polynomials for 90-100 digit inputs. Depending on whether the sieving is actually faster compared to degree 5, I might raise the upper bound for degree 4 to 105 digits. Degree 6 is not done yet, it needs a better root sieve

- poly selection parameters for inputs over 155 digits. It will still be slow, but at least it won't complain

- plus a bunch of small tweaks

Let me know how it goes (in another thread :)


jasonp 2009-07-07 20:22

Msieve v1.42 beta 2
Now available:


There are a lot of changes since the last beta:

- NFS polynomial selection chooses degree 4 for 85-102 digit inputs

- the NFS filtering has been greatly rearranged, and will now attempt to minimize the number of disk passes based on the number of relations and how much memory the machine has. The demo binary now has a '-mb' switch that lets you specify how much memory to assume. Intermediate information is also cached on disk, to speed up multi-pass filtering. The end result is that NFS filtering will now be faster when your machine has more memory; I've seen 2x speedups on my own tests but the potential (for e.g. Bruce's machines that have tons of memory but slow disk) is much greater

- The linear algebra now includes orthogonality checks that happen periodically, as well as just before a checkpoint file is written. These checks can catch many memory corruption errors, and in fact have already done so on at least one big LA run

I'll be unable to work on the code for a little while; please send feedback to the v1.42 thread.

Happy factoring,

jasonp 2009-07-12 02:55

Beta 3
Now available:


This includes fixes for nasty filtering bugs and two memory leaks spotted by valgrind, as well as a tweak to the filtering that reduces unnecessary memory use somewhat. It also includes fixes for some of the huge number of type conversion warnings noticed by the latest gcc.

jasonp 2009-07-20 04:46

Msieve v1.42
Very few changes from beta 3.

I've decided that continuity of this project requires better resources than I've been giving it, and so there is now [url=""]an Msieve SourceForge project[/url] for hosting the repository and releases. Developers who know the code and want write access are welcome to join. Unfortunately I've only committed revision history starting at v1.41, otherwise the new release would never be ready.

I think the next release will be somewhat delayed; there are big changes I want to make, and now you can watch as I make them :)

Happy factoring,

Batalov 2009-08-30 21:33

[URL][/URL] :

It's not just you! [URL=""][B][COLOR=#0080ff][/COLOR][/B][/URL] looks down from here.

jasonp 2009-09-26 14:37

Msieve v1.43 beta
Available at [url][/url]

This is just SVN 62 with all the bells and whistles compiled in. Assuming nobody reports nasty problems, I'll post a full release on the sourceforge page in a few days.


- GMP or MPIR is now required to compile msieve. These are now easy to build on windows, and the NFS square root is 2.5x faster (compared to the toy large-integer code in previous releases) and will continue to accelerate as these packages improve

- NFS filtering allows relations to have any number of large primes up to 48 bits in size

- the initial stages of the NFS linear algebra and square root now use less memory, and I have ideas to improve on even that

- small bug fixes all over

jasonp 2009-10-18 20:50

Msieve v1.43
Now available on the sourceforge page, with minimal changes from the beta.

Happy factoring,

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