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houding 2014-09-16 12:16

Successes question
Drinking coffee and nothing to do :grin:

On the Top Producers' list, for Top ECM or TF, I assume that "Successes' are the number of times a factor was found.

For Double-Check, is it the number of times your residue matched the first time LL test?


LaurV 2014-09-16 12:24

Yes. However, if a residue didn't match, it may be that your residue was good, and the initial residue was bad (therefore not your fault, and still a "success"), but this will not be known until someone else triple-check the exponent. In this case, you get a fail (i.e. the "successes" does not increment). The guy who does the TC will get a "success" if he gets a match.

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