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Batalov 2020-08-29 19:33

[QUOTE=LaurV;555389]Reply to that: (from the "don't turn it on, take it apart!" guy)
Btw, solving this famous google aptitude test alone is fairly impossible (I mean the exact answer) - one has to have a very solid background (one can find a solution on the web, and no, it cannot be made easier). I can honestly say that I cannot simply sit and reproduce it (I can get it and then I forget it - need the RAM brain cells for other work). I like what the guy did. And as a practical computational scientist every one can find computational solution doing what he did, -- but in an ad hoc small program not with real resistors.

But everyone who wants to be ready for productive work in real world should know how to solve this for the nodes that a "king-move" apart, both adjacent and diagonal. It is very similar to the easier class of problems on [url][/url] or in IBM Ponder This.

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